Rob took his first creative photographs at age 13, capturing sunlight coming through the trees and waves hitting the shore at a summer camp. They made fine additions to the decor of his family's upstairs hallway. After many years of taking photos here and there, he started practicing photography in earnest with a Canon S90 pocket camera in 2010, and upgraded to a DSLR a few years later.

Whether snapping the shutter on a DSLR or taking a quick shot on an iPhone, Rob is drawn to the play of light, reflections and shadows, candid moments, and the beauty inherent in the everyday life of New York City.

Rob has shot marketing photos for Astoria's famous Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden and New York City's landmark Grand Central Terminal. In addition to photography, he also manages an office, occasionally writes short essays and is working on his first novel.

Rob is currently building his portfolio of event and portrait photography. If you would be interested in working with him, contact him at robnguyen01 at gmail dot com.