A Morning in the Park

It's been a long while since I dedicated some time to shooting photos. In one sense, I dedicate tiny bits of time to it every day- taking a quick shot with my phone, editing it and then posting it to Instagram. But there's a difference between doing that and spending a real chunk of a few hours to go out, shoot and try to improve. So as part of an effort to make photography a bigger, more central part of my life, that's what I set out to do when I had a free morning a few weekends ago.

Amidst the daily hustle and bustle, it's sometimes too easy for me to forget some of the beautiful and iconic parts of New York that are easily accessible to me. It was nice to look at Central Park from a different perspective than I usually have the opportunity to, entering around 96th street, slowly working my way down to Central Park South, and shooting photos all along the way.

I hope to complete shoots and blog posts like this one at least every other Monday. Upcoming posts will include some street photography shots from around the Fifth Avenue Apple Store, and an unboxing of my test purchase from an online print-on-demand store. If it comes out well, I'll build into the site an option for purchasing select prints. In the meantime, if you've enjoyed what you've seen here, please share this post and Like my page on Facebook.


- Rob

Tree in Fall.jpg