The Shop is Open.

I'm pleased to announce that beginning today, prints of select photos are available for purchase on my online store.

After looking through various online print-on-demand suppliers, I settled on Their pricing model is straightforward and easy to manage, it's easy to embed their shop widget on my site, and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every order. Though I had set up my account weeks ago, I held off posting about it until I had been able to complete a test purchase myself. I wanted the chance to look at the product first hand.

The default option is printed on acid-free paper, and shipped in a 1" mailing tube. However, for my purposes, I wanted to not only test the service, but also have something that would arrive ready to hang, so I upgraded to canvas. It arrived on Friday and I'm pleased to report that it came out very well:

Once you've selected a print and size, you can customize your order with options like custom framing, a matte, or printing on canvas or metal. Note that the custom options can shoot the price up quickly (e.g. selecting canvas for this print brings the price up to $61.40, not including shipping). For future images that I add to the store, I'll try to stick to conventional frame sizes so that they can easily fit in something off-the-rack.
I placed the order on November 19, it shipped on the 24th and arrived at my apartment on the 27th. According to the site, prints usually ship within three to four business days. If you're interested in purchasing a print in time for delivery before Christmas, please refer to FAA's holiday shipping schedule.

Here's the package as it arrived:

The scale is difficult to see here, but that box is roughly 20" x 20", twice the size of the piece itself. There's a small indentation near the closest edge that occurred during shipping. The piece was undamaged, and once I saw how it was packaged inside, I could see why:

It had been immobilized by every means short of a passenger side airbag.

I opened it up, and of course, scrutinized it at a nose-to-canvas distance.

It's a faithful reproduction of the original. This is perhaps to a fault, as the limits of the iPhone 5S that took the shot are evident. There's a brushstroke like quality to the detail in the cars and barricades that's also in the original image, though it's debatable whether this is a good or bad thing. While I think it holds up well, I'll stick with 10" x 10" as the maximum available print size for this shot.

The canvas print option allows you to have a white or black wrap along the edge, or the "mirrored" option pictured below. An inch of the image is mirrored and printed along the canvas's edge. I think this look is part of the fun of having a canvas print, so I chose that one.

The backing includes a wire and felt pads for the corners. A hook and nail is also included.

And here's what it looks like on the wall of the apartment that's decorated like a 1990's T.G.I. Friday's. So for a few moments yesterday morning my print took the place of a Guinness tchotchke:

I'll be roaming New York City this week taking photos of some of the holiday decorations, and hope to add some seasonal shots in time for Christmas. Please feel free to browse the store in the meantime. In the event that you find something you like, I'd be glad to hear about your own purchase experience and any comments or suggestions you might have. Note that FAA does not provide me with customer names or contact information, so if you do choose to make a purchase, please know in advance that you have my sincere thanks!

- Rob